Buckley Systems Ltd Power Tool Racer

The Concept

Take any electrical HAND HELD Power Tool and modify it to run in a wooden track. Use wheels, belts, beer cans, whatever; but finish your machine before you arrive. Stay away from the liquor. Go faster than everyone else. Don’t Crash. NO BLADES will be allowed despite what you see on YouTube (insurance company freaking out). Be creative… you are engineers!

Racing Classes

There are 4 classes into which you can register your Power Tool Racer.

1. Up to 0.9kW*

2. 0.91kW – 1.9kW*

3. 1.91kW+*

4. Trainees

Participants in the ‘Trainees’ class will be provided with a power tool to ensure an even footing. It will be up to you to use your creativity and skills to make your power tool the fastest. To receive your power tool a $20 deposit is required, which will be refunded back to you on the day of the race when you sign in.

*Please note we have adjusted the categories to cover all outputs of power tools.


Machines in all classes are based on hand-held power tools. A hand held power tool is a machine intended for handheld operation by one individual. A machine primarily used on a stationary mount, or rolled on wheels, or used by a group of people is not a hand tool for the purposes of this event.

Hand tools must be electric, cold fusion, nuclear, or otherwise. Examples of hand tools are machines like belt sanders, angle grinders, Skilsaws, drills, chainsaws, etc. Examples of things that are NOT hand tools are things like lawnmowers, floor sanders, generators, bench grinders, etc.

Hand tools used in the drag races can run on a battery or electric 240 volt that will be supplied.

AC electrical cords will be 30 metres long per lane, originating at the starting line. They will have standard 3-prong connectors. You will be responsible for “coiling” the cord on the ground or laying it along side the track for your run. No spools or cord guides allowed, but duct tape will be provided so you can tape the connector together. Tangles or poor cord feed… tough bikkies.

Whatever you can scheme to drive your power tool sourced motor is OK by us. If you need extra track time to set it up, please contact us so we can make arrangements to entertain the crowd while you do your thing.

The Track

The drag strip is 22 metres of reasonably flat wood track. There will be another 10 metres or so to slow down with added blankets and futons to help with the deceleration of the faster entries. There will be a three foot high barrier wall on the outside of each lane to keep your machine out of the audience.

Machines will run on parallel wood tracks 300mm wide with 75mm rails on either side. We will make every effort to maintain the straightness and accuracy of this track, but expect some variation and bumps at the joints.

The Start

Connect up your power tool, wait for the starter to give the OK to launch, watch the Christmas tree and hold down the go button when you see green. All runs will be timed.

.. and all the rules can change tomorrow so stay awake.

Remember the judges can be bribed except for the use of BLADES.

Definitions of a Power Tool

A tool is a human-built artifact that extends the capabilities of the human body and/or mind.

Power tools are those subset of tools intended to do some type of augmented physical or mechanical work, causing a useful and/or desired physical effect in the world.

Qualifying “tools” must have been in their original use hand-held. Tools originally intended for permanent mounting or wheeled operation are NOT hand-held power tools.

The potential energy which expresses itself as kinetic energy during the operation of the tool (i.e. during the race), can be carried with the tool, or by any desired manner of external sources and conduits.

The tool/vehicle ITSELF must travel down the track. This means that the entire mass of the tool must start BEHIND the line (no pre-staging of any part of the vehicle ahead of the starting line), and the entire mass of the tool must travel down the track and through the finish line. Mass lost during run towards the expression of kinetic energy is fine.

Health and Safety Disclaimer

Iscar Plus will do everything possible to ensure Power Tool Racing is a safe and enjoyable event for all involved. However by participating in this event you acknowledge that there are risks involved (such as vehicles coming off the tracks).

We ask that all participants and audience members follow the instructions of race personnel on the day. Iscar Plus will not be responsible for any injuries resulting from failure to follow instructions.

Iscar Plus also reserves the right to disqualify at our discretion any racer that we believe violates Health and Safety standards. Please contact us if you have any questions.