power tool racing

Q: What power adapter do I put on my racer?

A: Please use a standard 3 prong plug with no more than 1 metre of cable.

Q: How long can my racer be?

A: As long as you want, but it needs to start behind the start line.

Q: How many racers can I enter?

A: One racer per person or team.

Q: Can my company enter more than one racer?

A: Yes, if each racer is entered by a different team or individual.

Q: Do I need to register?

A: Yes. Register HERE for Auckland.

Q: What category do I enter?

A: The category you choose is based on the wattage of your racer: up to 0.9kW, 0.91kW – 1.9kW, and 1.91kW+.**

Students and Apprentices are entered into the ‘Trainees’ category, and each will be provided with the same power tool by Iscar Plus.

**Please note we have adjusted the categories to account for power tools that previously would have fallen between them. 

Q: I am in the Trainee class. How do I receive my power tool?

A: Simply register for the Auckland race and specify that you are in the Trainee category. You will be contacted by Iscar Plus and asked for details (name, address, phone…etc). Upon receipt of the $20 refundable deposit, we will send you your power tool so you can get to work!

Q: Will there be any cool prizes?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I use saw blades as wheels?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: Due to the risk of injury (both to humans and to the track).

Q: Do I need to be a customer of Iscar Plus?

A: Yes, or the potential to become one. You can also be a special invitee.

Q: Can I enter if I am a competitor of Iscar tooling?

A: No, run your own show buddy.